Personal Stuff

This page was last edited 09/27/00

  Patience is appreciated... I'm just getting this page started.

Every once in awhile we think of the things that we should take along that folks sometimes forget.  These things can vary from personal hygiene items, medical items, etc. to portable entertainment, portable information, etc.  Obviously everyone takes what they think they'll need on the trip, so this page boils down to a personal checklist of items to think about taking.  Many of the items should be left in the RV so that you don't have to constantly be trying to remember them.  Other things may be daily use items that are not so easy to duplicate such as prescription medicine.

I've put this off of the 'kitchen' area since it is more particularly suited to inside the RV stuff... and the kitchen/interior of the RV are pretty much one in the same due to space requirements.  All things are simply suggestions/reminders and of course you'll take the brands and items that you use regularly for various ailments.