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There are many publications that will assist you in your RVing experiences.  As I list some of them as suggestions I'll also try to make the internet locations available by 'clicking' on the publication name.  Following are also a list of internet links that are both fun and informative.  I have included such things as RV directory listings, camping directories, RV safety and how-tos, etc.  I have added a section for 'Solution Companies' which are companies that provide working solutions to your needs.

Additional link pages:  Equipment manufacturers is a page to help you find products and service for your equipment.  Miscellaneous RVs  is a spot to get information on different brands of RVs that are available.  Books, both paperback and hard cover are available, along with magazines.  Check your road conditions on the state link for road conditions and travel information at Construction/Highway/Police Agency Info LinksNewsgroups are another area of information that an RVer can tap for help and general information.  Be sure to see the 'Camps/Parks' page for Campground links, Resort links, and State Information Sources to help you find information state by state.  If you live in the Kansas City area there is also a KC Area Sites page.  When I find Personal Diaries on the web I'll note them so you can see what others are doing with their RVs.  And a new area TV Shows.

There are of course links throughout my web page.  With each area of interest, trip information, etc. I have attempted to link up the sites that were pertinent to the information being presented.

I have tried to put each and every RV related link that I can find on line and just about the time that I think I've got them all there are several more pop up.  Some of the links die when a company fails, or an individual or company changes Internet service provider for whatever reason.  I'll try to keep these updated as well as possible.

Information Exchange

72 Hour Survival List - is a fun page that Vito Labella has put up.  It is a list of things you might need.

A-Z Mobile RV Repair (24 hour emergency service in the Kansas City area) 913-893-6949.  RVIA certified technicians.

AAA Title says it all...  This is their main page.  Leads to fuel information and other travel related info. - Camping links list.

Accu-Pressure - Here's an interesting new product.  Gives you an instant read on the tire pressure in your tires.  I personally don't like the idea of having the pressure on the tire depending on a tire cap but they may well be a good product.

Adohen Supply Co. - This site is a source for Fantastic Vent/Fan.

Advanced Air Systems has an air tank for RV use that will handle the high pressure tires that RVs use.

Adventure Caravans is a company that produces trips that are escorted to places like Alaska and Mexico, as well as Branson and other US tours.

Adverturezine Magazine - Online RVing magazine.

Affinity Group Inc. - These are the folks that own Good Sam, TL Enterprises (Trailer Lilfe, Motorhome), Woodall Publishing, Camping World, Coast to Coast, Ehlert Publishing Group, Inc. and Golf Card.

Airbedz - Is an air bed resource. The Comfortaire is one example.

Airstream Dreams is a vintage parts site for Airstream restoration

All Campgrounds produces a guide to over 2500 modem friendly campgrounds.  They also have park listings on line.

Ample Power We provide the most effective battery management equipment in existence for owner operated systems in boats, motorcoaches, and remote sites. And we are the primary source of information you need to enjoy electricity unplugged from the public utility.

ANSI information.

Apache trailers are highlighted here. (Not company web page.)

Astravan - Solar heating systems.  Instant hot water systems.

Autotrak by Intertrak is a GPS tracking system that actually allows you to control your RV from remote.  Starting generators to charge batteries, tracking a stolen vehicle, etc.

Backpacking - If backpacking is your thing then you might try this site.

Backwoods Solar - Backwoods Solar Electric Systems specializes in solar generated home electricity, dedicated to serving homes located beyond the reach of utility lines. Our own home and business location is 2 miles from the closest utility lines, and has been  powered entirely by equipment in our catalog for 20 years.  Electricity generated by sunlight, wind, or flowing water can power most home electrical needs for sites where power lines are not available or not practical (over 1/2 mile away). Solar electricity means no pollution, no outages, and no monthly power bills.

Balance Masters - A wheel balancing tool that apparently is used to keep your wheels balanced while in motion.

Barth Custom Coach - This is a support site for Barth owners.  Barth started producing coaches in 1963 but later closed it's doors.  A new owner is resurrecting the company name and will start producing coaches on a custom limited basis.

Battery - These folks have a lot of battery related stuff, particularly the priority start product.

BBQ your thing?  Here's the ultiimate BBQ Joint Review page.

Bear Creek Canvas   -  Here's a place that will re-canvas your pop-up trailer, among other things.  I would imagine that there must be several places that do this but here is a start.

BeAtHome - Produces an internet capable home security system so that you can monitor your home from away... such as from your RV via the Internet. 

Bill's 2 Way - Need CB radio products?

Boondocker - This site is very poorly done and has a bunch of advertisements that are non-related to the RVing industry.  The site is unorganized, cluttered, and getting close to worthless.  You may find something here that you can dig out in the way of information.

Boondocking - Information on boondocking by Dean.

Brickwall - Surge suppressors in a new form.

Brakeswitch - A new product that assists with the use of an exhaust brake in your diesel.

Branson Tourism Center - We offer discount shows, lodging, and packages, even discounts on gas.  No service fees.

Bryant RV Services  -  Specializing in Recreational Vehicle Systems and Appliances.  Sales and Service for Atwood, A&E, Carefree of Colorado, DuoTherm, Dometeic, Hydroflame, Intellitec, Kwikee, Magnetek, Norcold, Progressive Dynamics, Sealand, Suburban, Thetford, TDI Products, and many, many more.  Chris Bryant actively participates in The RV Forum and other news groups.

Buck Snort Saloon is a rare eating establishment in the middle of nowhere.  Give it a try if you're in Colorado.  15921 S. Elk Creek Road, Pine, CO 80470, tel: (303) 838-0284

Busnut Online - Good location for bus rebuilding information.

Busses:  All about buses from RVNetLlinx

Cadillac Plastic - Need plastic for a project?

California Camping - This is a camping book that has some interesting information.   Written by Tom Stienstra and titled "California Camping". Foghorn Press.

Camp 'n Cook - Heatilator produces this camp/cook stove that doubles as a fireplace with gas logs yet.

Camper Clubs of America - A camping/RV support club.  Camp, park, RV park listings available.

Campgrounds  -  Campground listing for California, Nevada, and Oregon - Is a general information resource about camping.  Touts over 700 links on it.  Found at > travel > camping

Camping on Long Island?  I've always associated Long Island with New York and that was not a positive thing. <grin>

The Camping Source - Any and all camping related information available.

Camping Lanterns - Another camp light offering.

Camping World -  Camping World, a provider of RV supplies and accessories.

Camping Links by Chris Behrens who has compiled a list of camping links available here.

Camping Pros - Is a fairly novel concept in prepared campsites.  Looks interesting for those of you in their area.

Camping-USA - Has general camping information including such things as a camp check list, campgrounds, campgrounds for sale, etc.

Campnet America - Has information on camping resources such as campgrounds, outdoor suppliers, RV suppliers, and camping and travel information.

CampUSA - Is another resource for campgrounds and RV dealers.

The Canadian Recreational Vehicle Association - Has a pretty good listing of the manufacturers of RVs.

Canopy Masters - Need a canopy for your camping club activities?  Here's one site to look at.

Carnival RV Tours - Escorted, fun-filled RV tours and rallies to Alaska, Canada, U.S.A. & Mexico.  Enjoy the company of like-minded people as you explore the wonders and beauty of North America.

Cheesy Lights - Here's the place to find those fun lights for  Party Lights .. String Lights .. Patio Lights .. Christmas Lights .. RV Lights .. Tiki Lights...

Coach Repair - An interesting site that helps you with your RV Coach Repairs, by Gene Beaudry.

Cobb Grill and BBQ Cooker System - The award winning Cobb BBQ was voted one of Time Magazines inventions of the year. Find out more about the ultimate portable camping grill.

Cool Works - Want to work in a park... try this one.  Jobs in resorts, guest ranches, parks, etc.

Corn Palace City Mail - At Corn Palace City Mail we offer the full time RV'er and Camper many
services.  Mail forwarding, 24/7 voice mail, 800 in the continental US, Vehicle Licensing assistance, Voter registration assistance, Residency registration assistance, Drivers Licensing assistance, Friendly staff, and Quality service.

Cottage Publications is a place to get RV/Camping related books.

Cruise America - Is an RV Rental/Sales company.  10% discount for military.  Reasonable rental rates.  One-way available.

DC Battery Specialists DC Battery Specialists (a division of DC Marine Systems, Inc.) is an established Miami, Florida, USA, based battery supplier. DC Battery celebrates sixteen (16) years of service as a battery supplier to North America, the Caribbean, South and Central America, and now the world!

Dahon folding bicycles are perfect for your RV needs.

Dicor Incorporated will help you with your rubber roof needs.  They can answer a lot of those rubber roof questions.

TheDieselPage offers information and assistance for General Motors Light-Truck diesel owners. is a site to buy and sell dieselpushers.  Pictures, prices and deals highlight this page.  Other useful information available also about diesel pushers.

Digital Temperature Sensor? - How hot is it in your refrigerator or around your RV?

Digiwalker - Exercise while you're having fun and keep track of your walking.

Discovery Publications    Antique hound?  Try this for a Mid-America listing of antique shows.

eBay Home - Don't forget eBay for some potential bargains... and if you want to win auctions on eBay give this link a try: - Bid at the last second, automatically

Epinions - Has a new area covering RVs.  This is a consumer opinion and information area.

Eric's RV Performance Center - RV Repair and problem solving.  RV products.

Eternabond - Eternabond is a high-tech adhesive in tape form originally designed to create water-sealed, corrosion-proof pipes and stanchions under the ocean. This adhesive is so advanced, the tape has even been installed underwater with perfect results!

The Expediter seems to have quite a selection of accessories for trailers.

Explorer RV Insurance Agency, Inc. - We feature specialty RV insurance coverage like total loss replacement, diminishing deductibles, full-timbers liability coverage, vacation liability, emergency expense coverage and personal effects (contents) coverage.  Member FMCA (C8728).

Factory Tours USA is a web site devoted to providing information about factory tours.  The unique feature of our site is that our visitors can access our system to add information about factory tours they have visited. We are encouraging this participation from people all over the United States to insure that our site has comprehensive information about factory tour opportunities for our visitors.

Family Car - General information about your vehicles.  This link is about alignment.  Back out of it to get other info.

Families On The Road - A site for traveling families that need support. (Servers down - still registered as domain name.)

Fantasy RV Tours - Such things as river barg tours for your RV.

Federation of Tax Administrators - State tax information and links.

Fifty States    Site that give a vast array of information about the 50 states.  Good resource for visiting...

Firestik - Great CB antennas.

Firestone tire safety recall listing.  - List of tires that have been recalled under the massive recall of 2000.

Great fishing site... has links to other fishing sites.

Flair-It - Pipe and plumbing fittings for your RV.  Plastic pipe and fittings.

Ford Diesel - Help and info here.

Foreign site... speak Italian maybe?  I'm not even sure of that but here's a site that just goes to show that RVing is not a US deal only. <grin>

The site has the following links, among others, that go to their pages.  These are support pages for various related activities and they are sales pages for related products.  If you can get past all the popup ads it does have some desirable information on it.

Foreign site... Europe in an RV.  Here's another one in English.

Free Campgrounds of the West - Listings of free, easily accessible RV campgrounds in the West.

Fulltiming America  - Lifestyles information.

Fulltiming-America's Work Camper Information - This site you your connection for jobs while traveling in your RV.

Fun Outdoors  This site by American Recreation Coalition includes news on outdoor activities, including RVing, recreation information resources, and statistics.

FunRoads    Funroads is a new site by Cummins/Onan where RV'ers can find good information, plus get service products and manuals for their Onan generators.  Give then a look-see!

Gas Price Watch - The green light to low gas prices.

GMC Motorhome Sales - Sell/buy a GMC motorhome.  GMC Motorhome information exchange.

GMC Service and Parts Links

Go-RV - Online RV accessories shopping.

Great Outdoor Recreation Pages (GORP) - Outdoor recreation information on sites, locations, etc.

Great Vehicles has an area for Recreational Vehicles.

GRTV Westy is basically a built up van for camping purposes.  Here's some adventures of an owner < CLICK HERE>

Happy Campers - Your Recreational Vehicle Travel Guide to the American Southwest and Northern Mexico

Hawk International, Inc. - Markets a liquid fire extinguisher that is excellent.  The are located at 10421 Burnham Dr. NW #3, Gig Harbor, WA, 98335 1-253-851-3444  I do not believe that they have a web page.

Helm, Inc. - Helm is a resource for factory authorized service publications.

HitchItch - "The restless urge to see new territory, to meet new people, to find out what is beyond the curve that lies in the road ahead.  The site to follow RV'ers travel adventures and journals.

Hitchtrader - a place to buy/sell/trade hitches brought to you by Towing World

Holiday Hills - Is a resource to locate used camping gear.  Check it out!

Home Power - The Hands On Journal of Home-Made Power.

Horns - Here's a place with unusual horns.  Particularly train horns for your RV.

International Holiday Guide  - Guide to resorts and vacations of the world.

IRS Digital Daily - Will lead you to such publications as above, along with other valuable info.

IRS rules about deducting motorhomes, etc. as second homes...  Check out the bottom middle column on page 2 & all of the third column. - Has RV discussion areas available.

J.C. Whitney free catalogs for your recreational vehicle needs. (click on free catalog link)

JameCo - JameCo has a nice small multimeter that RVers can use. Try the (Metex brand #M3800, JAMECO Part #27115.)

John Deere Credit - Financing for your RV purchase.

K40 - CB Antennas and other such stuff. - Will help you locate a campground that you like.

KOA (Kampgrounds of America) - Commercial campground facilities around the world.

Camping presents a problem for the ladies and here's a solution.

Leak Ender 2000 - Here's one of those As-Seen-On-TV things that may or may not work.  It is supposed to fill holes in things and make them quit leaking.

Leeps - Online plumbing catalog may or may not have RV stuff you need.

Lee's Honda is one of many sites you'll find that sells Honda generators.  Honda has a quiet unit that is excellent for RV use.

Life on Wheels  - RV Training center, an educational service to RV enthusiasts, worldwide.

Love the Outdoors - RV outdoor info, store.  Has general camping info.

Maps - Commercial site that provides maps of all kinds.  Personally I like the Delorme Street Atlas and the Delorme Map 'n Go and use them regularly.

Mark's RV Supplies - Particularly he has a nice wiring diagram here for the 7 Way RV Connector.

Marlene Sine - Manufacturers reps for the RVing industry.

MBA Insurance - Motorhome insurance for rental companies.

Midwest Electric Products - Recreational Vehicle Park Equipment

Midwest Recreational Clearinghouse - An interesting link to a firm that has an online auction for insurance total loss recreational equipment.  Midwest Recreational Clearinghouse, 2921 Overlook Ave N, Stillwater, MN 55082.  From time to time they have an RV on line for sale.

Motor Homes Used - Used motorhomes for sale. - Site that supports motorhomes in general.

Motorhome Review Online - An online resource for motorhome information.

Motorhome Magazine - Long time support magazine for motorhome enthusiasts.

Motorhome America - Motorhome club... see clubs page.

Motorminute - Nutz & Boltz timely car care tips.

Mountain Safety is part of important hiking decisions that RVers may well make.  Try the Mountain Rescue Association for more information.  Also the National Association for Search and Rescue has information campers and hikers can use.

NADA - Guide to used vehicle prices.

National Association for Members of Campground Resorts, Condominiums, and Timeshares (NAM) newsletter can be found here.   Particularly this site has information regarding such things as the TAI closings and the legal issues involved.

National Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds - Association information and camping directory.

National Park Service  information.

National Propane Gas Association - Propane gas information and particularly more information about the Overfilling Prevention Device (OPD).

National Recreational Reservation Service will reserve your spot in all federal facilities.

Naurist Society provides nude RVing/camping info along with other Naturist info.  AANR is another naturist site.

NEMA Ratings and information.

The has information for new RVers and others who are considering taking up the recreational vehicle lifestyle.

NOAA Weather Radio Frequencies and other weather emergency information.  Real Audio is available for a few of these weather station sites.  Kansas City/Pleasant Hill


NRA - Gun laws. - State laws about gun possession available.  Are you carrying a gun in your RV? - furnishes in-line water meters for flow measurement.

Online Highways - Your Internet guide to travel, recreation, and leisure.

OnTheGo seems to be a problem solver.  A second solution for the women.

Orbit Scout - Parents travel resource center.  These folks have a travel kit for the kids to keep them interested while traveling.

Outdoor Classified  -  Site by OUTek (outdoor equipment retailer).  An area to exchange needs between outdoors folks.

Outdoor photos... Some neat photos that this site has collected on it.

Outdoor Review - This is a new link that will give you an online resource for outdoor enthusiasts.  Reviews, tech talk, hot links.

Outdoorsworld - All things outdoors and all centralized.  Search for RV in the little search window and you'll find a lot of RV stuff.

Out West On-Line -  Out West is a quarterly "on-the-road" newspaper founded in 1987 by roving editor/reporter Chuck Woodbury, who spends much of each year roaming the two-lane highways of the American West searching for stories about whatever he finds interesting. His quarterly tabloid has been featured on ABC World News Tonight, NBC's Today Show, CNN, National Public Radio, and in People, USA Today, the Washington Post, the L.A. Times and the Associated Press.

Park Maps - Source for outdoor maps.

Park Trades - Park & Recreation Trades Buyers Guide... an invaluable tool to locate things. 

Paths Across America is the new site by the military support center.  It gives military travelers hospitality information.  I'm sure some of the information will cross over to the civilian arena.  Here's their intro map.

Photon Microlight - this is a small light that can possibly be just the key for those initial little things like unlocking the unit at 0 dark thirty!

Pit-2-Go® - Portable fireplace which can double as a cooking fire.

Point has wireless (cellular) phone information particularly about cellular phone coverage areas.

Polyethylene piping - These folks are a source for your piping needs.

Polybutylene piping - More piping information.

Post Marine - Often a marine supply will have products that work well with the RV world.  Give these folks a look.

Precision Diesel - Precision Diesel Services provides products and services to all segments of the on-road, off-road, marine, power plant and industrial engine and equipment communities. On premise design and manufacture of custom oil, and air filtration systems ranging from low flow single units to high flow multi-element units. Our clientele range from individuals needing fuel additives for their diesel powered vehicles, to municipalities seeking to solve water and particulate matter contamination problems in turbine engine power plants.

Precision Temp - Instantaneous (tankless) RV hot water system.

Premier Coach Services is located here in Riverside, Missouri (suburb of Kansas City) and specializes in working on motorcoaches.  They now have slideout units that they can install in an existing coach.

Private Motor Home Rentals of California - This has developed into an "Association" or "Rental Referral Service" we enjoy today, know as "Private Motorhome Rentals of California". This is the reason our rates are so much lower than the normal commercial rental rates. Since we don't have to make a profit on our rentals, just enough to help with the payments when we're not using it. Also since each owner rents out his or her own rig, we have no overhead and we're able to keep all of our motorhomes in brand new condition.

Propane Cylinder Disposal - Is a spot to get rid of those propane bottles that you are accumulating.  Since they cannot be disposed of like other trash they present a problem.

Protectall - RV cleaner that seems to be a popular item.

Publication 936 from the Federal Government covers deducting your 'second home'.  Good information for you RVers.

Rand McNally - Home page gives you mapping information sources.

Raven Awards - These folks are giving credit to well-done RV related web pages that are non-commercial.  Links to recipients of the award are available here also.

Real Goods - Solar energy information and support.

rec.backcountry - Usenet newsgroup chat room.

Recreation USA Camping Club - These folks have a club that gets you $10/night stays at member campgrounds.

Recipes - Here's a nice site for a few camping recipes.

Reserve America - The nation's largest campsite reservation system by their own statement.  They take reservations for campsites from various states including CA, TX, NY, OR, WI on line and several more by phone.

Restop - Appears to be another way to hand the duty when nature calls.

Road Trip Adventures - Your Place to go for reviews of Great American Attractions! With your hosts Sandy and Gerry. Come Ride with us as we show you America!

RoadPro produces/sells 12 volt electrical appliances.

Roadrat is a job site to move and deliver RV units for manufacturers, dealers, etc.

Roadshare America, Ltd. - Timeshare a luxury motorhome... a concept whose time has come.

Romar - Designs and builds OEM electrical products for RVs

Rooms Plus - Had campground and RV parks listings.

Route 66 Magazine - Travel information about the famous Route 66.

RV 455, Inc. has a nice offering for cleaning those black streaks, and awnings.

RV.COM  -  Is a general information page about RVing with links to other RV resources.

RV Advice  is a good place for questions/answers about RVing.

RV America  rvamer.jpeg (4834 bytes)  The home of the RV industry on the Internet.

RV Buyer's Guide - Site by the publisher's of Trailer Life & Motorhome

RV Book - Hilarious adventures with an RV. will lead you to

RV Care rvcare.gif (1177 bytes) has just acquired the RV Club.  This is a network of dealerships that want to provide  better care for the RVing enthusiasts.

RV Catalog is another on-line RV accessories supplier.

RV Central - Rental RVing and other related information.

RV Chalet - Here's an article on the RV Chalet which is a home built with an RV as the base.

RV Classified- FOR SALE listings of Motor Homes, Travel Trailers, 5th Wheel Trailers, Campers, Pop-ups, Boats, JetSkis, Motorcycles, Snowmobiles, ATVs, 4WD Sport/Utility vehicles, Aircraft, Antique & Classic cars, and other New and Pre-owned Recreational Vehicles of all types, most with photo's & many with multiple photo's.

The RV Club - Costs money to join.   Mutual support site for RVers.  Some free information/reviews available also.

RV Coach Online - Articles of interest for owners of buses and RVs.

RV Companion    News and entertainment for the road.  Discounted subscriptions if you are a member of Passport America.

RVers Corner -  Les Doll has a page to assist you with your RV maintenance.  Winterizing  is covered here... 

  RV Dealers Association - The official Recreational Vehicle Dealers Association of North America. Includes a directory of over 1000 RV Dealers and rental companies across the U.S. for consumers and an RV Buyers Guide.

RVDealerMall - Advertised as "your online rv buying source".  Looks to be a place to check out RVs to purchase.  Other resources available.  Yes... this is another Affinity Group site.

RVDestinations - This is a listing of parks that are privately-owned campgrounds and RV parks.

RV Directories...

    Texas RV Directory and Guide
     Online information source for motorhomes, trucks, buses and autos traveling in Texas.
    Florida RV Directory and Guide
     Online information source for motorhomes, trucks, buses and autos traveling in Florida.

RV Doctor George's page is a fun one... He apparently actually does repair RVs.

RV Education 101    Here's the place to get a prepared video about the type of unit you are going to be operating.  Pop-ups, trailers, and motorhomes are currently covered.

RV FAQ location for those nagging questions about RVing.

RV Financing...  I do not endorse any of these financial resources.  They are simply a place to go to finance your RV purchase (or to refinance it).

Ganus Credit Corporation - Motorcoach loans and has an agreement with FMCA.

Good Sam - Another Affinity Group Inc. company, they'll finance RVs among other things.

F.U.N. Inc  -  Financial Underwriters Network

Essex Credit - Re-financing a specialty.

RV Dumps - A good place to go to look for such information as to where to dump and how to do so.

RV Globe - An online RV interest newsletter.

RV Home - Many RV related dealers, products, and facilities.

  The Recreational Vehicle Industry Association is a national trade association that represents RV manufacturers, conversion van manufacturers and suppliers. Find information on recrational vehicles, buying or renting recreational vehicles, taking care of RVs and enjoying your RV!

RV Index - Home to the RV Lifestyle.

RV-Info - "Your RV Information Portal" is the way these folks describe their site.  They provide a location for RV links and other general RV information.

RV Institute - Camping Worlds RV Institute.  Camping World RV Institute in Bowling Green, KY is America's finest school for RV service and repair. It's been the career launch pad for hundreds of top RV technicians throughout North America - many of whom are now certified technicians in Camping World's acclaimed RV ProCare program.

RV Insurance - Various insurance sources exist out there from your home insurer to specialty insurance companies.  I don't endorse any of these folks... just trying to list what's out there.

Explorer RV Insurance

Good Sam

RV Alliance America

See my listings on the rig page also.

RV Jobs - Yet another RV Jobs site.  Work in the RV industry.

RVJokes -- Ready to laugh? Then click in here for jokes, funny photos and wacky true life stories about the RV lifestyle.

RV Links  -  Web resource information... a collections of camping/RV links.

RV Membership Connection  These folks seem to think that charging you $10 for a campground listing will be popular... maybe it will but not for me.  The campground listings seem to be of membership resorts that already send out a listing to you in a book form.  What's the point?

RV Mobile - Our main stock in trade is the rebuilding of ammonia absorption cooling units. An ammonia absorption cooling unit is the set of cooling coils in any refrigerator that uses heat (such as propane) to operate. Most RV refrigerators and a few house style refrigerators use ammonia systems.  By extension, we also sell new and used RV refrigerators and free standing propane refrigerators. We can also provide most available parts for any model we deal with. As well as selling OEM parts, we have also developed and use a selection of third party parts that are usually less expensive and, we feel, are of equal or sometimes better quality than the original manufacturer's.

RVnTravel - The ultimate RV information site dedicated to serving RV travelers. offers you the most comprehensive information on RV rentals, camping, travel.  Also, guides to all National Parks, Monuments, Historical Parks/Sites/Memorial.

RV News On Line    RV News On Line     RV Industry News source.

RV On-Line - for RV sales/purchases. is the website for Sunburst and Encore RV Resort brands.  RVontheGo offers premier camping at sunbelt destinations in Florida, Texas, Arizona and California with large full hookup RV sites and outstanding amenities designed for today's RVers.

RV Park For Sale - is a little off the beaten path but one for those that are really serious about the RV world.

The RV Park Store - Nationwide Directory of RV Parks and Campgrounds, RV Parks and Campgrounds For Sale, RV Park and Campground Lenders, Investors, Brokers, and Products and Services.

RV Power Products - RV Power Products is committed to providing you with the finest quality and best performing solar products available. Known for our solar charge controller Solar Boost™ 2000, our newest product is Solar Boost™ 50.  The technology we employ is called Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT), see the Home Power Magazine article which discusses the subject. Our Seminar Handout on Solar Electric Charging has a brief discussion of MPPT with charts as well. - A southern California RV rental spot.

RV Repair Parts -

    RV Glass - RV's need glass replacement and sometimes those needs are very special.  DCM Company in Elkhart, IN possibly can help you with those needs.

    Windows, glass, door hardware, etc. - Try CR Laurence for some of these.

    Or possibly Sommer & Maca for glass.

    RV repair parts at All-Rite - The RV Repair Parts Specialist.

    West Marine - may have some of those mobile parts that can be used in an RV.

    Channelview Supply Company is another source for parts.

    Bob Spear maintains a Sportscoach parts page which overlaps on parts/salvage.  This gentleman has an excellent listing resource for parts.

RV Safety - General information about RV safety and also has some consumer alerts.

RV Sales USA - RV Sales on line.  Buy, sell, trade RVs and RV products.

RV School is a school to teach you how to successfully drive your RV.

RV Search - New/used RV sales, price watch, list your RV.

RV Secrets    Your online source for Recreational Vehicle savings, solutions and insider information

RV Sewing and Repair  sos3.jpeg (7681 bytes) Whether you love to sew, are an outdoor enthusiast, or just cruisin’ through, I hope you’ll find something of interest here. You never know, you might get inspired to make your own outdoor gear, find some tips or sources, or even find a fun new link!

RV Shop - Canadian RV information site.

The RV Site - Your online source for RV information.

RV Solar Electric - Our purpose is to offer you the information and equipment you need to be electrically independent in your recreational vehicle.  We have found RVing to be a wonderful lifestyle!  And, electrical independence adds freedom to your RVing life style and the freedom to go anywhere and live comfortably.

RV Supply Warehouse is an online store of RV accessories featuring specials and free shipping.

RV Times - The Canadian Magazine for Fun-Loving RV / Camping Folk

  A resource for RV Enthusiasts. Find a used RV from over 21,000 vehicles for sale, information on traveling, tourism, campgrounds, clubs, FMCA chapters, dealers, and links to even more RV related sites.

RV Today - TV show that supports the RV industry and it's customers.  See the RVToday Featured Products.

RV USA - Manufacturers, Dealerships, Parts & Accessories, Insurance, Service Centers, Lifestyle Information, Financing, Rentals, Industry Information, Exporting and Used Listings.

RV Video Magazine - Welcome to RV Video Magazine Featuring News and Views From Around the World RVing Features and Community Involvement, What to Buy, Where to Go!

RV Zone -The Internet RV & Camping Guide.

RVers Corner, The - For the recreational vehicle owner.

RVers Online - RVers Online is the RVers public service information resource. With several hundred pages of non-commercial RV-related information, and online help for all types of RVing questions, this site is dedicated to "RVers helping RVers"; and to "modem friendly" RVing. Our goal is to provide a quality online experience for RVers and those considering the RV lifestyle. We invite and welcome your participation.

RV-Links - These folks are simply a link page to everything RV.

RVNetLinx - A source for RV related information and links on the internet.

RVPartsOutlet - Online parts and accessories store.

RV Web Network - Radio/RV oriented network.  Ham radio/amateur radio network enthusiasts can get together here.  Other links available on the page also.

Safe Home Products - Is a site that carries, among other products, the Safety Siren line of 12 volt 3 in 1 carbon monoxide, propane, and methane detectors for RV/Motorhomes, and travel trailers.  This unit monitors the air every 2.5 minutes. Other products for RV use include survival kits, micro fiber cleaning  cloths for inside and outside cleaning using only water, and solar rechargeable flashlights. The other products we carry are all environment safe ones.

Safety Equipment/Survival Equipment is available at these two sites: The Earthquake Safety Center and The Safety Store.   Both have preparedness items and safety items.  I find that sometimes these things go hand-in-hand with camping/RVing.

Satellite Internet?  -  Here's a news article about the coming satellite internet connect. - The SavvyCamper provides information and insignts on camping, campgrounds, and related outdoor recreation activities.

Scooters - All Web Scooters is a site I found that has a variety of scooters and equipment to carry with your Rv.

Scouter - is a helper for scout leaders.  Scouts camp a lot don't they?

Seasonal Employment - An employment resource for those traveling RVers out there.

Shady Dell has a nice collection of antique trailers.

Sierra Club  -  If you're interested in the environment that you're camping in you might try the Sierra Club for information.

Sierra Solar - Full Service Renewable Energy Outfitter. We have been designing and supplying solar, wind, and micro-hydro electric systems all over the world for the last 20 years.

Sky Med International - Medical emergency air evacuation.

Snowbird Help - Page that supports the snowbirds.

Solar Electric - Solar power products.  Sells all solar power and other power related products.

South American Explorers have their own site to assist you with South American travels.

Sportworks    has bicycle racks that mount on the front of a vehicle.

State laws regarding trailer towing can be found here.  Can you tow two trailers?  How long can your rig be?   Good summary!

State Lemon Laws - Information page for all states.

Sunnex has a neat little halogen lamp that is 12 volt, draws 3/4 amp and mounts anywhere you'd like for better viewing.

Sunshine Pole repair can be contacted via email at

Teardroppers - The old teardrop trailers aren't really dead!  In fact there's a whole bunch of them still out there and more being built.

Tell All Travel     is a user input resource about camping areas.

Tenting Plus - Is an option for those desiring economy stays in a camping atmosphere.

Thousand Adventures Problems? Try the National Association for Members for other people that have lost money.

Tires... are always of interest.  Here's a write up on motorhome tires.

Tirerack has a nice tire info page up here for info on tires.

Tom's Trailer & Truck Sales handles race trailers, modified trailers for RV use and other conversions. 1-800-320-8117.  Located here in Independence, MO.

Towing World is a supplier of towing products.

Trailer Life - Trailer Life publications and products.

Tranzformer - Truck bed converter.  Change truck beds for multi-purpose use.

Travelers Utility Supply, Inc. - Supplies the RV industry with utility equipment. Alt URL: 1-800-800-2811

Trucklite - Seems to have a new LED light offering for taillights, interior lights, etc.

Truck Tires - Your rig uses heavy duty tires and this is your resource for information regarding them.

Turbo Diesel Register - A good place to exchange information about diesel engines.

Universal Currency Converter - Traveling outside the US?  Convert that money efficiently.

UK - This is a list for those wanting to camp in the UK.   It covers pop-ups, caravans, motorhomes and other types of camping in the UK.

US Army Corps of Engineers provides many services.  Among them are of course the campgrounds.  Use the new reservation system to save your spot at the campground of your choice.

US Forest Service is a excellent place to go for information on their parks, campgrounds and other resources.

Vintage BlueBird buyer's checklist- A good checklist for other motorhome purchases also.

VIP RV - Makes of the Sensitor Monitoring System is also an RV product site for other RV related products.

Weather is available at for each state you may be traveling in and of course the city closest to your travels.

Weather Radio Canada - Similar to USA listings... this listing covers Canada.

Wesley Stout Productions - We airbrush murals on RV's, Motorcycles, cars, trucks, helmets, leather, ski's, etc.  We also airbrush on canvas and on walls in your home or business.  We also have a studio located in central Florida for drop offs and welcome visitors with southern hopitality. - VW Westfalia Owner?  Try this one.  Westfalia owners support site.

West Marine - A marine supply outlet that will have articles you can use in your RV also.

Wheelwedge has a good listing of RV links, and provides a wheel chock product. <LINKS>

Wilson Antenna - CB Antennas.

Woodall's - camping and RVing in the great outdoors.  General information about outdoor campsites and equipment. - This is another site for workcampers.   Locate a job to pursue while you're full-timing.

Solution Companies

caan.gif (30826 bytes)CAAN Technologies, Inc. advertises to support mobile installations for such things as Direct Duo satellite from Hughes.

Gear:  Camping, hiking, climbing, backpacking and other outdoor sports equipment manufacturers.

TV Shows

RVToday is now available on OLN (DirectTV 608) at 5 PM Central Time Saturday, Sunday, Wednesday.  Check out  for more information.  On your C Band Satellite it is G10-24.  Dish Network is Channel 151.

To the best of my knowledge OnRVing is no longer on the air.  They may be back but times and dates are not currently known.  Their web site says that Paul and Ron are on the road until early September.


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