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This is the personal diary page for web links to sites from other RVers/campers and their families.  Many of these folks have experiences that will assist you with your RVing experiences.
Helpful hints/suggestions from RVers area HERE.

Link Information

Bruce's experiences.  Car camping with a car and a tent.  A few good notes and lists here.

Dean has a lot of information about boondocking (camping without fees and without electricity, water, sewer)

Digger - One of our regulars in the newsgroups.

Dino doesn't have anything about his RVing on his page yet but he's got some links to helpful information.

Dot's home page... a member of Central Florida Camper Group, Dot has a nice information page on RVing.

George and Jodi's Travel Adventures.

Karen and Joe are retirees and full-timers.

Mark's Fulltime RV Adventure is another personal diary type page.

George Norton's travel page.  Links to other RV resources.

Nick and Terry produce The Gypsy Journal which is a chronicle of their travels.

Roy's Camping Page  (Another Roy)  This is a personal, non profit guide for the Canadian Camper and visitors to Canada. Janet, myself, and our boys have enjoyed camping for many years and welcome your input, stories, etc.

Sliders RV Page has miscellaneous help pages and destinations.

Steph and Dud's RV Page - another family RV page.

Vince and Ann's RV Connection page...

Pete and Ginger give us 'ouradventure'.

Pete's Family Camping - Pete is tent camping.  General info available also.

Steve Adam's home page has an RV section on it at.

Carl Ahlemeyer - One person's dream come true... Travel in a camper van.

Tom and Marilyn Clark write articles about their full-timing.

Dave and Helen Damouth Wandering Somewhere in North America.

The Dolby's Digs - 30 ft. Terry 5th Wheel travelers.  Has some full-timer's links on it.

Mike and Colleen Gormley Full Time Rv'ing Adventure

Bob and Mary Hatch have a nice new page up for our perusal.

Barb & Ron Hofmeister's adventures in an RV.

Franco Jomini's home page has some RV diary info on it.

Don and Jackie Justice have some tips for the RVer.

Vern Modeland - details of a trailer towing family's experiences with a Casita trailer.

George and Christine Peace are enjoying their travels in a Prevost...!

Sam and Alice Penny have a nice page to detail their RVing experiences.

Don Reasons has a page up about Airstream trailers.

Dan Rogers and family - These folks are traveling the US using 1950s technology and it's neat!

Scott Shafer and Family - This gentleman has a travel trailer and a family to go with it.

Fred and Annie an excellent RV page here.  These folks are both full-timers and Fred writes for the Escapees news letters.  Fred's magazine articles and "Poop Sheets" came from having made every mistake an RVer can possibly make during 20 years of Full Timing.  Fred Tinseth does an excellent job here.

C. Patrick Waters has a nice page up about his boondocking experiences.

Vince and Barbara Wirth - Vince is just starting a home page with his RV information on it.

The Wolfs have modified their motorhome in several areas to fit their needs.

Susie & Steve Wright's Big Bus Adventure - RVing in a big bus.

Mike and Donna Yeaw are full-timers.  Lots of good resources here.

The Wilson's West - The Wilson's Camping information page is getting started here.

Steve and Cindi Zona - They are into upgrading their RV to some more palatable standards.  They, like myself, appreciate a little better audio/video system than the one that comes in a motorhome.

Helpful hints/suggestions from other RVers pages:

This is a setup that allows you to pump an overflow of grey water into your black water tank to increase your storage capabilities.


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