RVAid (.net/.com/.org) is a new site that I will be building for the use of others to present web pages that assist or aid RVers...  I will be using a 'subweb' format in which these folks that have developed pages can use the facilities here to present their efforts.  With the subweb, the producers of these sites will be able to maintain their own sites exclusive of any other offerings here.  The focus here will be to 'help' people, as opposed to selling them something.  To that end I would prefer that these pages be so focused.

Access to these pages can either be through this page (click on keyword) or by typing in the address of http://www.rvaid.net/'keyword' where the keyword is the area you want to see, as indicated below.

Sportscoach - Bob Spear has presented these pages which are dedicated to owners of early Sportscoach Motorhomes and are intend to help you locate parts, provide technical information, club listings, rally dates and other helpful information.  All owners are encouraged to share data and experiences.  Links to additional Sportscoach information is at the end of this page.

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