I have made an attempt to locate the information requested at an appropriate state web site.  In virtually every case the main state web site was located at http://www.state.??.us where the ?? was of course the two letter abbreviation of the state.  (In each case I did in fact go to a state web page there with the exception of Hawaii.)   I was unable to find the information for one of many possible reasons.  Several factors may have been involved but in most cases I found one of the following:

1.  The page simply didn't exist.

2.  The state website was not organized in such a manner that it was readily available information.

3.  It was impossible to find the information requested on or linked to the state information page.

If you should find the appropriate link please forward the correct link to Roy by email.  You may click on the link below to do so.  Thank you in advance for you help.


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