Wallace State Park - March 16-19, 2000

We took a few pictures:  Coachmen 191 and 121 get together for some fun.
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The Walls took some pictures also. <click here>

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Saturday Potluck

Saturday Potluck

Saturday Potluck

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Saturday Potluck

Saturday Potluck

Saturday Potluck

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Eldon & Ohney

Madison overwhelmed... Carol & Amanda help get the tables ready.

Ruth Ann Cleans Up!

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Ruth Ann Amazed?

Ruth Ann & Amanda

Sunday Morning Wakeup!

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Even the camera didn't like the snow!

John Loges gets the fire going...

The Loges rig is covered with our white gift.

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John Loges... alone in the snow!

Bill & Phyllis were there.

Ed & Kathy Campbell are still asleep!

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Looks like David & Ruth Ann haven't gotten moving either!

Madison is on the prowl!

121 Got their colors up and they got snow covered!

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Madison wants sissy to wake up!

Guess that kiss didn't work!

Madison is going to play, snow or not!

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Yes... I'm having fun!

Madison again.

Amanda is finally up and roasting marshmallows!

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Amanda gets ready for another round.

Madison checks the mail...

Where did that snow come from?

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Ruth Ann, Madison, & Carol visit at the Francis 5th wheel.

David Francis

David and his dad.

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David and his dad again.

And there's David's mom!

Madison wants in the picture!