Smith Fork Campground at Smithville Lake Apirl 20-22, 2001

Coachmen 121 (Roddy's Rowdys) went to Smith Fork for the weekend.  It is close to KC and there was a good turnout.  We all had a good time...  These pictures were taken by Jo Walls with her 35mm.

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Smith's Fork Entrance

A little shaving cream for that stubble.

Let's cut 'er off.

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There are a lot of onlookers!

This is a job!

 Are we having fun yet?

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Hold that chin up!

Is it possible we missed a place?

Lookin' good!

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Let's clean up...

Eldon is always carving... Let's see some product!

Rocky relaxes!

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Jim, Eldon, & Bill relax.

Getting fed.

Pot luck.

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And after dinner...

Where is that dessert?

A little whiffle ball.

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The kids are having fun.

The kids are playing ball.